‘Moving mountains, wishing well, Bridget Cleary, we won’t tell’

‘Moving mountains, wishing well, Bridget Cleary we won’t tell’

Performance, St Patricks Well, Clonmel

Mc Guinness was commissioned by Clonmel Junction Festival to create a work that responded to the story of Bridget Cleary a woman suspected to be a changling and burned alive by her husband outside Clonmel 1896. The 15 local female volunteers worked with the artist to create a large-scale outdoor performance, which looked to invoke a feminine charge within the sacred site of St Patricks well.

‘Moving mountains…’ considered the position of the female in society then and now, and how difference, and an independent spirit in women, can still be viewed with suspicion and distain. Through the enactment of a ritual performed by the women, and alongside a live audio work composed by Ellen King, the performance looked to acknowledge the importance of women’s position in Irish society. How their ownership and relationship to their bodies, and in turn to the natural world is essential to the health of any society.

Film of performance, https://vimeo.com/208341703

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Photographer: Helio Leon