Yvonne McGuinness Drop Everything

St Gobnait Series 2005 -2016

Hive 2016, St Gobnait’s Well, Dun Chaoin, Co Kerry




Little church of love of the world 2014, St Gobnait’s church, Inis Oirr

I was commissioned to make a work for Drop Everything, a contemporary cultural event which happened on the island of Inis Oirr off the west coast of Ireland in May 2012 (www.dropeverything.net).

St Gobnait, patron saint of the honey bee, is believed to have taken refuge on the island in the 8th century. I am interested in Gobnait and had previously made work in another scared site associated with her in Ballyvourney, Co Cork, so was drawn to the connection. I decided to celebrate her by holding a procession and getting the islanders and event goers to partake in a fuax ceremonial walk. The procession was led by nine deer which Gobnait was believed to have sighted at her final resting place in Ballyvourney.




The Pattern 2005, St Gobnait’s Well, Ballyvourney, Co Cork.