Holding ground where the wood lands

‘Holding ground where the wood lands’ is an two-channel  film installation by McGuinness who grew up in Portmarnock, Co Dublin. Close to her family home, there were fields where she often played. The land was once part of a vast estate, owned by the Plunkett family, a place where peacocks roamed and which is now Malahide golf club. For this newly-commissioned work she has revisited this location. Working with a group of young men from Dublin 15’s Foroige, the film captures them at a pivotal stage in their lives, as they begin to find their place in the world. Holding ground… conjoins documentary style filmmaking with the theatrical atmospherics of a staged read through, slipping in and out of what is naturalistic and real, to a sub layer where alternate textual narratives take hold and boundaries and meaning shift, simultaneously placing and displacing the audience both visually and aurally.

Amharc Fhine Gall (Fingal Gaze) is an annual exhibition funded by Fingal County Council’s Arts Office, in collaboration with Draíocht. The exhibition was initiated in 2004 to provide a platform for visual artists from or living in Fingal.

Clip of film https://vimeo.com/246430334

Performers – Jack Kelly, Patrick O Sullivan, Tadgh Harte, Garbhan Healy, Jack D Kelly

Cameraman – Michael Kelly

Editor- Yvonne Mc Guinness and Michael Kelly

Sound – Greg Dunn

Grader – Michael Higgins

Sound Mix – Bob Jackson

Production Assistant – Gabriel Mc Guinness